No UPN for Ithaca!

June 15, 2001 by Mark H. Anbinder

You'd think by now something would have changed. In the January/February issue of 14850 Magazine, we wrote about how WNYS Syracuse had changed from UPN to WB affiliation, leaving Ithaca's Time Warner Cable with two WB channels and no UPN at all. Ithaca viewers were left with no way to watch the climactic last few months of "Star Trek: Voyager," as that series ended.

UPN is preparing the fifth Star Trek series to debut in the fall. UPN is preparing the fifth Star Trek series to debut in the fall.

Now, we know that the hugely popular WB properties "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Roswell" are jumping ship, switching to UPN. Now, we know that Paramount's new Star Trek series, "Enterprise," starring Scott Bakula as a brash young starship captain, will be launching on UPN this fall. You'd think by now there would be a solution, so Time Warner Cable wasn't adrift without a UPN affiliate.

You'd think so, but you'd be wrong. Syracuse-area Time Warner outlets have informed relieved viewers that they will be adding WSBK, the Boston-area UPN affiliate, to their cable lineups, and ditching New York City's WPIX. (FCC regs have required area cable providers to show WNYS's local WB signal, and black out WPIX's distant WB signal, since January, but WPIX has remained on the cable systems anyway.)

However, on June 7th, Ithaca Time Warner Cable general manager Thomas Doheny confirmed that this is not true for Ithaca.

The area's science fiction fan club, USS Accord, is encouraging Ithaca TV viewers to speak up, and let Time Warner know that they want to make their own television viewing choices. Whether they'll want to watch "Enterprise" or "Buffy" or "Roswell" or "WWF Smackdown" or "Chains of Love" or none of the above, Accord says viewers should tell Time Warner they want a UPN affiliate on Ithaca's cable system.



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