Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival under way at Ithaca College and Cinemapolis

March 30, 2012 by Meagan McGinnes

The 15th annual Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival is sparking conversation this weekend at Cinemapolis with its exploration of this year’s theme, microtopias, through film, discussion and new media. 

A utopia is an ideal, a perfect society. We imagine this society without limits or constraints, but in reality, this type of perfection exists nowhere. Microtopias, though, exist everywhere. 

“Microtopias stand for creating social relations in local spaces, that’s how I translate it,” said Naeem Inayatullah, Ithaca College professor and festival guest. Microtopias never stay the same. They are alive. They move, respond and engage. Through this concept, we localize. FLEFF itself can be defined as its own microtopian society. It’s here. It builds community. It sparks conversation about limitless solutions to local struggles.

“The most important part of FLEFF is not necessarily the formal event -- although those are important, the films, the presentations, because a lot of work and energy goes into those -- but what’s important, what I would try to look forward to are the conversations that occur after the event or before the event or alongside the event,” said Inayatullah. “It's the social connections through conversations that are most exciting and most important.” 

Some films playing at Cinemapolis in Downtown Ithaca this weekend include Cotton Road, Beijing Besieged by Waste, Nanook of the North, Buster Keaton short films, the world premiere of Scavenger Hunt, and many more.

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