This Friday's Ithaca Underground show combines local and visiting alternative acts

February 6, 2014 by Karla Lopez

Ithaca Underground has been providing Ithaca with alternative music since 2007. Their goal is not profit, but to support musicians of all ages with varying performance experience who are producing non-conformist genres of music. They also bring in better-known groups to the area, like Man Man.

This Friday, IU will be raising money with the help of five diverse acts at The Haunt to fund another year of live music in this talented town.

"The last time IU held a fundraiser, it was to launch us into the not-for-profit world," said Bubba Crumrine, President of the IU Board. "This time around it's to fuel much more of the day-to-day needs."

Most of IU's shows take place in locations without proper lighting and sound equipment, so all of this gear must come from IU. "There's other behind-the-scenes expenses around the web site and taxes, now that we're a not-for-profit, that we'd like to be able to cover as well."

Opening the show is Tyler Manahey, aka Eyukaliptus, a local, instrumental hip-hop act. Think James Blake minus the vocals. Sammus is another local, self-produced hip-hop act who raps about topics that Ithacans can definitely appreciate, like social issues and cold weather.

100% Black are from Binghamton, and are described as "Parlor City punks in a Kraut-rock/noise ritual." Interpret that as you will. BATISTA is a future punk band from Ithaca/Brooklyn. If their live performance contains as much energy as their sound does, you won't want to miss this.

And, finally, Summer People, the rock 'n roll headliner of the night. Their lead vocalist sounds like a mix of Jack White and Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand, but they're also not afraid to get a little experimental. And if that isn't enough reason to come, how about the fact that they tour the country in a vegetable-oil-run van?

This show will fuel future shows like Naked Noise #5, Perfect Pussy, Deerhoof, Prawn, ex wife, Vasudeva, Old Wounds, and Red Sled Choir's album release. Cumrine says, "There's a little something for everyone across the rock, punk, hip-hop, experimental, and electronic spectrum."

Doors open at 8:30 on the waterfront, with a $10 suggested donation.


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