In a sold-out show, Ithaca's Gunpoets will record a live album at the Hangar

April 4, 2014 by Karla Lopez

It’s no surprise that The Gunpoets have a sold-out show tonight, but this time it’s not at one of their usual venues. They’re hitting the stage at the Hangar Theatre to record their first-ever live album.

The Gunpoets performing at the GrassRoots Festival in 2012. 14850 Photo.The Gunpoets performing at the GrassRoots Festival in 2012. 14850 Photo.The Gunpoets already have three albums, but none of them compares to seeing their electric live performances. The band doesn’t just have energy, they energize the audience. Their music fearlessly crosses genres, from hip-hop to funk and rock and back again, and they have a live sound that Ithacans can’t get enough of. And now we will finally be able to listen to it on demand.

Tonight's show is going to be recorded not just as audio, but as video as well. The Gunpoets are in the midst of making a documentary about the band and its members, and this milestone of a concert will most certainly be in it. 

Tickets for tonight's show optionally included a copy of the live album itself, or admission to the album release party at the Haunt in late June. The folks lucky enough to have tickets to this show are in for a treat, but if you didn’t manage to snag them this time, don’t worry! The Gunpoets are just getting the season started.

Doors open at 8pm, and frontman Rising Sun says the music starts at 9 sharp.


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